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Couple Therapy Session


Are you looking for a healthy balance in your life? Struggling with work and/or family transitions? Feeling stuck in certain patterns of behavior that aren't working well? Therapy can be a valuable resource, providing tools and skills in a supportive way in order to help you transform your life. It can improve how you feel overall and to help you manage daily stressors. From my experience, we are each unique yet our struggles can be universal.

 "Healthy psychology" focuses on people's strengths and assets. Rather than a disease model, I look at problems with solutions. Maybe you feel your life is a work in progress and that with some help it could get better? Believe it or not many of us have these concerns. It can be challenging to deal with these issues on our own.

My professional focus is to work towards helping people find and maintain happiness and to achieve a healthy sense of balance in their life and relationships.  People typically experience ups and downs in their mood and at times instability (experienced as a push and pull) in interpersonal relationships. Often significant emotional changes are triggered by anniversaries of life events and holiday seasons which can make people feel particularly vulnerable.

What makes my approach unique is my intuitive ability to help people deal with anxiety and emotions associated with complex struggles in relationships, work, life transitions, care-taking (for self and others) and health issues that we all face during our lifespan. I believe that psychology as a profession should be about achieving a balance in healthy mind and life.

If this sounds like an approach that could benefit you, please give me a call. I truly believe therapy and professional support can be beneficial. Reaching out is the first step.

I am available to schedule an initial phone screening or in office consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you.